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Blue Ribbon Detailing & Dealer of Adam's Polishes

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Kevin & Robin Kelly

Blue Ribbon Detailing is a husband/wife small business started in 2015 as a post-retirement business.  Kevin has been an avid detailer since he was 16 years old and now wants to help others achieve that award winning look to their vehicles.  Robin is usually the "inside" girl but can do the whole gamment along with her husband. Kevin has won awards for his 2011 Chevy Corvette at many different shows throughout the country.  This is his third corvette that he has owned and they have all been red, cause only real Corvettes are red!  

Dealer of Adam's Polishes

Not only do we do detailing but we have become a dealer for Adam's Polishes and can sell you any of the products we use.  Just go to the SHOP section and look at all the products we can offer you.  All products come with a 110% guarantee, if you don't like them we will refund your money PLUS 10%.  That is how confident we are you will love them and tell all your friends about them.  

Give us a call!

We offer free clinics to any car clubs that would like to see how to use our products and ask questions about what they need for their own car.  So if you're just looking to have us detail your car, want to buy products or just need answers to questions, we are here for you!